About Us

The Way Forward Programme is part of the Isle of Wight based charity Osel Enterprises which was formed in 1988 to provide training and employment for people with physical and learning disabilities, autism and mental health conditions living on the Island.


Wight Crystal began producing bottled water for the first time in 1989 offering work placements for people with a disability and continues to do so to this dayEvery bottle of Wight Crystal water which is sold supports those on the Way Forward Programme.
To find out more about Wight Crystal visit the website http://www.wightcrystal.org.uk/
Working Towards Wellbeing is an Employment Service which helps people get back into the work place after suffering a mental health condition.
The Way Forward Programme works with adults and young people from 12 years of age to retirement who have a learning or physical disability, people on the autistic spectrum and people suffering from mental health conditions providing services 7 days a week and every evening.  We focus on providing support to people whilst they build up skills and confidence to live as independently as possible. 
  • Promoting Wellbeing
  • Promoting Integration
  • Promoting Independence
Being part of the Way Forward Programme can be a life changing experience.