” I volunteered at Way Forward for a couple of months before starting my current employment and I enjoyed every minute of it”.

“The Way Forward programme is a wonderful place to volunteer, the benefits are rewarding to yourself, friends and your community. You get to make new friends, they make you so welcome and become part of the Way Forward family”.
“Volunteering has good health benefits for yourself, both mentally and physically. It increases your self-confidence, as supporting others provides a natural sense of accomplishment. It gives you a sense of purpose, it takes your mind off your own worries helping others with their needs. Having a meaningful connection to other people relieves stress and having regular contact with others makes a solid support system”.
Louise Tulley – 22/10/2016
Why people volunteer:

  • To make new friends
  • Gain important skills
  • Make connections that could lead to a job
  • Seeing more of your community
  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Exploring what you want to do in life
  • Feeling the satisfaction of helping others
  • Getting active and healthier
  • Feeling part of a community
  • Having fun
If you feel that you could give some of your time to help others then please contact us and we will be be happy to discuss possible options with you.